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Areas of Legal Focus

What I Do

• Business Entity Formation and Dissolution
• Product Protection
• Licensing
• Real Estate
• Agreements I Contracts
• Funding I Financing
• General Counsel Services

Who I Am

• The Paideia School Alum
• B.A. The University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
• J.D. Georgia State university College of Law
I come from a family of serial entrepreneurs; in the fields of science and technology, writing, art, and business. I put myself through college and law school working in small businesses and eventually start up companies. I provided general counsel services to small business after law school graduation through Atlanta’s 1996 Olympics.
I left the business world in 1997 to go into public service law representing children in Dekalb Juvenile Court until 2015.
I believe Atlanta has created an environment and climate for start ups and small business to gain traction, momentum, and growth. I have the expertise, experience, and energy to guide your business from idea to operation.

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